A Job Well Done

We truly had a blast with our Carmichael Tower Implosion this summer!  One of the most rewarding parts of this process has been the positive feedback from our peers and community.  Our subcontractor, Controlled Demolition Incorporated commended our team for the numerous amounts of overtime hours put into the site to be ready for our blast date.  Their company had never seen another demolition company come together to get a building ready in such a short timeframe due to the delays out of our company’s control. 

After the implosion, our site clean-up was recognized by the management team at the Hilton Homewood Suites.  Our Demo Plus team put great care and attention in protecting and cleaning up that location after the blast.  Their General Manager, Nathan Chatman, remarked that when he walked into his courtyard an hour and seven minutes after the blast, he could not tell a fifteen-story building had been imploded across the street.

We pride ourselves in staying on time, taking pride in our work space and staying safe.  We set the bar with our first implosion.  We look forward to doing it again soon!  Click on the picture for the full letter. 

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