Our First Implosion

On Saturday, July 27th, Demo Plus executed our first controlled implosion in Nashville, Tennessee.  We were thrilled when Layton Construction group picked our demolition vision for Carmichael Tower #3 and #4  at Vanderbilt University. Over the past few months, we systematically gutted the interior of the fourteen story, Tower #3. It was our mission to make the site structurally ready for our subcontractor, Controlled Demolition Group, to set the needed charges for the implosion.  Our team could not be more proud with the professionalism and safety of this group.  The implosion from start to finish lasted around seven minutes. Clean up of the site immediately happened once the dust settled on the site.  Tower #4 will be taken down floor by floor via mechanical demolition.  That work will be completed by the end of the summer. 

It is an honor to be a part of Vanderbilt University’s rich history.  Three new residential colleges will be constructed on the former site.  Vanderbilt sites the new buildings will have a more traditional look which will reflect the spirit of the university.  Towers #1 and #2 will remain open throughout this upcoming, academic year. 

Lastly, thank you to our team at Demo Plus.  We have one of the best crews right here in Tennessee.  Our team put in countless overtime hours to get this site ready by July 27th.  We could not have accomplished that goal without all of their hard work and sacrifices.  Special thanks to all of the families, friends and communities who supported our crew.  We appreciate your support and sacrifices as our crew put in the overtime hours.  Lastly, thank you to our partners, Hire Quest Direct.  Your team supplied us with even more hard workers to complete this dream.  We appreciate working with you all!

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